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Dear customer,

After more than twenty years of manufacturing firelogs, with a constant quest to formulate the longest flaming log (without adding weight and costs to the product) I have finally found the answer by taking a US patent on this very practical and durable TRAFLAME BURNER TRAY WITH HEAT REFLECTOR. This new entry has become the economic solution to burning fireiogs under better control, most efficiently, for longer flaming times, more radiant heat and with less particulate emissions into the outside air from your chimney.

The TRAFLAME BURNER TRAY WITH HEAT REFLECTOR rests easily on most fireplace grates and fully supports the firelog throughout the entire burn cycle preventing log breakdowns and dangerous flare-ups from too widely spaced fireplace grate bars.

The vertical back of the tray is made to keep flames from causing damages to the rear of the hearth and to reflect maximum heat into the room. The vertical ribs are technically designed and spaced as to get 100% consumption from any size log. Full support also means a cleaner hearth because all ashes remain on the tray for their easy removal. You will also notice that the tray will keep a little more ashes as less particulate solid matter is evacuated up the chimney, therefore less pollutants into the outside air.

This tray permits you to burn under better control where logs placed at the back will burn evenly and longer and logs placed towards the middle will flame more intensely. Because difference in size of fireplace, chimney and weather conditions will vary the rate of burn, experiment with the placement of the log on your tray as to get maximum flame times. Also, this tray is made of heavy duty steel plate, treated and covered with high heat paint so as to give you many many years of enjoyment.

Wood wax logs are made mainly out of wood chips and paraffin as a by-product of refining oil. The result has been a recent rapid increase in the retail price of your favorite logs.

As you regularly burn firelogs on your new TRAFLAME® BURNER TRAY WITH HEAT REFLECTOR, you will find that your investment saves you money in purchasing many less logs or converting to smaller or cheaper priced ones.

Order now and your household will enjoy all the benefits from the most efficient, safest and cleanest way to bum all sizes and brands of firelogs.

Please, let me have your questions or comments at: xtraflame@hotmail.com

Thank you for your patronage.

Guy Gazaille, inventor

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