Xtraflame - Firelog burner Tray with Heat Reflector
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"Thanks! It really works well! Very happy with your product."

L. J. Cudak
Newburgh, NY

"Have used for a week and it is what you say it is. Great."

E. A. Joiner
St Augustine, FL

"I recently purchased an Xtraflame Burner Tray and want to let you know that it is great! We like a small fire and up until now, we had trouble burning the logs as they fell through the fire grate. Thanks for your wonderful invention."

N. M. Ortlieb
Vinita, OK

"Living in a rural setting (but this is California & land is scarce) we and all our close-by neighbors all have fireplaces. It is not practical to purchase, store & use real wood; so 'wood logs' are necessary.
We found them to be neat & handy but also too quickly burned. It was only after purchasing your tray that we saw the extended time and increased heat into the room. After a couple of months, we began recommending the purchase to others. Even gave one as a gift! Everyone that was fortunate enough to get one is pleased. … Wanted to thank you! Great job."

K. Martenson
Fairfield, CA

"This burner tray purchase was for a gift (my son). He has been very pleased with it! As you stated it does help firelogs last up to 3 hrs longer! Thanks again!!"

L. Wheeler
Twain Harte, CA

"Dear Guy,
Thanks so much for being so clever! Your tray keeps us all fired up! Drop in and see."

The Ashers
Springfield, MA

"I loved the effect of the tray using 'fake logs'. I found out I got more heat, etc.. Mr. Gazaille should be complimented on his invention."

L. Partridge
Stafford, VA

"I was skeptical about the purchase of the Xtraflame Tray. However, after a little experimentation I found that the product was a good investment. I get 4.5 hrs. burn time from the large 3 hrs type logs & 3 hrs out of the small 2 hrs firelogs. Removing the grate & using two bricks laying flat worked out best for my fireplace. The initial purchase price was quickly returned by the money saved on log purchases. Thank you"

T. J. Cherry
Diamond Bar, CA

"Excellent product!
It's as good as you claim."

B. R. Turner
Rosemere, Qc

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